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Penergetic w - Jeevan Jal

"Supports water's self-cleaning capacity, controls algae and activates microorganisms”

  • Supports water's self-cleaning capacity
  • Controls algae growth and development
  • Activates beneficial aquatic microorganisms
  • Re-establishes ecological balance in water
  • Refurbishes groundwater resources
Provides Biological Stimulation for 
  • surface water
  • waste water
  • groundwater
May also be used on 
  •  Wastewater treatment lagoons
  • Industrial process water
  • Settling ponds


  • improves water quality and clarity
  • reduces algae growth to a natural level
  • controls silt deposits (mud reduction) in water bodies
  • stabilizes aquatic ecological equilibrium
  • eliminates aquatic putrefaction bacteria
  • mitigates production of harmful gases (e.g. ammonia and nitric oxide)
  • improves conditions for aquatic flora and fauna
  • enhances aquatic feature’s aesthetics
  • improves quality and taste of drinking water

Key Success Factors

  • 100% natural ingredients and process
  • Treats the causes, not the symptoms, of an imbalanced aquatic environment
  • Provides customized information tailored to specific applications
  • Has been proven effective through over twenty years of use
  • Moderate application cost
  • Environmentally friendly


Small Lakes

Ponds & Dugouts

Garder ponds, Koi ponds

Artificial ponds and fountains

Drinking water reserviors

Groundwater wells, cisterns