Penergetic p
Penergetic p

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Penergetic p - Jeevan Vanaspati

Penergetic-p strengthens plant’s productive capacity and natural defenses, plants & crops remain healthy, are better able to resist disease, insects and drought situations. Costs of other farm inputs are reduced substantially by its use, yet  enhancing the quality and increasing per acre yield. Above all its an organic  product which supports sustainable agro-ecological production systems.



  • Increase Yield
  • Increase in Microbial activity
  • Better Assimilation of Micronutrient & Minerals


Plant Growth

Soil Enrichment

Seed Treatment

Dry Input with Compost

Dry Input with Manure

Dry Input With Any Other Fertilizer, Weedicide, or Saw Dust

Spray Mixed With Water Over Plants, Crops, Trees etc