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Penergetic k - Jeevan Bhoomi

Penergetic-k is a soil and composting additive to accelerate the decomposition (aerobic) process of the residues by curbing the putrefaction (anaerobic) in the  compost, manure or the soil in the pit or at field, to convert into humus & mineral rich  manure/soil for plants. It harnesses and strengthens nutrients, minerals & disease suppression throughout the rhizosphere to protect the seed, germination, seedlings, root system right up to the stem and growth of plants. Penergetic-k works with the biological processes in nature to stimulate the microorganisms in the soil



A) Solid Treatment

  • Conditions the soil to support the development of healthy plants
  • Creates the conditions for better root growth and increased root exploration capacity
  • Nurtures the soil food web and stimulates the activity of soil micro-organisms
  • Increases soil’s water absorption capacity and resistance to drought conditions
  • Supports the release of fixed soil nutrients thereby aiding soil fertility

* Can be used in conjunction with penergetic p.


B) Composting

  • Activates accelerated composting by an aerobic process
  • Suitable for composting solid manure and plant matter
  • Reduces insect pest problems and odours associated with composting
  • Limits loss of nutrients (e.g. nitrogen) during composting process
  • Promotes elimination of weed seeds and pathogenic organisms
  • Produces more homogeneously consistent nutrient rich humus
  • Encourages propagation of healthy soil fungi and curtailment of detrimental fungi

  • Proven and cost effective approach to composting

  • Supports more thorough breakdown of manure, prevents nutrient overload on fields.

C) Barns and Stables

  • Reduces flies, ammonia and other odours in poultry barns and livestock stalls.
  • Helps control pathogens and contagion of disease (i.e. poultry barns)
  • Starts composting process in soiled poultry litter / livestock bedding.


Soil Treatment

Manure & Composting

Slurry Management

Hastens Decomposition

Soil Vitalizer

Foul Odor Reducer

Inhibit Anaerobic Growth

Checks 'Ph' Value to Normal